The B & T Cell-Mediated Autoimmune Disease Drug Development Summit is the only meeting uniting B & T cell fields to uncover the important interactions between B & T cells, plasma cells and autoantibodies to accelerate drug development
for autoimmune disease.

Join this community of pioneers to aid discovery, development, optimization and strategy for a new generation of treatment within this area of vastly unmet clinical need.

This cross-disciplinary program featuring keynote talks from clinical decision-makers in large pharma, biotech, and academia, will give you insight into the full therapeutic opportunity of drug candidates against various plasma, B and T cell targets.

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This is an exciting opportunity to be part of the definitive industry forum for drug developers investing in immune modulation strategies in autoimmune disease including autoantigen specific B cell depleting and modulating therapies (CAART, BTK inhibitors, anti-CD20), targeting T cell co-stimulatory pathways (CD40/CD40L, CD28/CTLA-4, OX40, ICOS, PD-1) and subduing autoantibodies (FcRn inhibitors and beyond).

Get your critical questions answered to supercharge your clinical programs, give direction to your drug pipelines and ensure the next generation of B & T cell-directed therapies can improve treatment regimens in chronic, common, and rare autoimmune diseases.

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