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Advance a New Generation of More Targeted Tissue & Antigen-Specific B Cell-Targeting Therapies to Improve Patient Quality of Life

Welcome to the 4th B&T Cell-Mediated Autoimmune Disease Drug Development Summit

Targeted B Cell Depletion & Modulation for Autoimmunity, Transplantation & Inflammation

Welcome to the 4th B&T Cell-Mediated Autoimmune Disease Drug Development Summit, the definitive industry forum sharing groundbreaking B cell R&D for drug development applications in autoimmunity.

With biopharma moving closer to developing more patient-centric therapeutic approaches in autoimmunity, this innovative community is now looking to harness the drug development potential of the B cell lineage and bring the next generation of tissue and antigen-specific therapies to patient populations who need them the most.

This December, join a community of 60+ thought leaders from the likes of Janssen, Regeneron, Biogen, Hummingbird Biosciences, Eli Lilly and more in Philadelphia, PA, to advance the discovery, development and optimization of a new generation of B cell-directed therapies!

Register your interest now to perfect your targeted B cell depletion and modulating therapies, optimize tissue subset analysis and accessibility and grasp the therapeutic potential of novel cell types such as B regulatory, B memory and plasma cells to drive your mono and combined modality approaches into the clinic and beyond.

Previous Attending Companies Include:

‘The value for me resides in that this is a focused conference centred around important translational topics which themselves represent the current and future challenges of drug development in autoimmunity.’
Bristol Myers Squibb

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