Welcome to the 3rd Annual B & T Cell-Mediated Autoimmune Disease
Drug Development Summit

The definitive industry forum for drug developers investing in immune modulation strategies in autoimmune diseases

Thank you to our speakers, sponsors, and delegates who joined us in Boston for the summit! If you are interested in the 2023 event, please get in touch at info@hansonwade.com

This Summer, join a community of 80+ industry pioneers from large pharma, biotech, and academia, advancing the discovery, development, optimization, and strategizing the new generation of treatments in the B & T Cell-Mediated Autoimmune Diseases space.

The cross-disciplinary program has been curated alongside experts including Pfizer, Eli Lilly & Co, Kymera Therapeutics, Regeneron, and many more. Covering topics from autoantigen specific B cell depleting and modulating therapies (CAART, BTK inhibitors, anti-CD20), targeting T cell co-stimulatory pathways (CD40/CD40L, CD28/CTLA-4, OX40, ICOS, PD-1), and subduing autoantibodies (FcRn inhibitors and beyond), this is a conversation not to miss.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to get your critical questions answered to supercharge your clinical programs, give direction to your drug pipelines and ensure the next generation of B & T cell-directed therapies can improve treatment regimens in chronic, common, and rare autoimmune diseases.

View our full event guide to see our complete speaker line-up, latest agenda, and attending audience.

Hear What Your Colleagues Have Said:

Excellent breadth and depth of the program to allow participants gain in
depth knowledge of cutting-edge research in the autoimmune field

Cabaletta Bio

‘A great conference with plenty of opportunity to learn innovative science
and approaches target autoimmune diseases’

Your 2022 Expert Speaker Faculty Included:

Aaron Winkler

Immune Tolerance Lead, Inflammation & Immunology


Stephen Miller

Professor of Microbiology- Immunology

Northwestern University

Thomas Tedder

Alter E. Geller Professor for Research in Immunology Departments of Immunology & Pediatrics

Duke University Medical Centre

Veronica Campbell

Director, Immunology

Kymera Therapeutics

Previous Attending Companies Include:

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“The program has a fine balance of comprehensive topic areas whilst not compromising focus on how our knowledge of the roles of B and T cells in autoimmune disease pathogenesis could serve to identify novel biomarkers and therapeutic strategies”

University College London