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About The B & T Cell-Mediated Autoimmune Disease Drug Development Summit

Thank you to our speakers, sponsors, and delegates who joined us in Boston for the summit! If you are interested in the 2023 event, please get in touch at info@hansonwade.com

The 3rd Annual B & T Cell-Mediated Autoimmune Disease Drug Development Summit is your definitive meeting exclusively focusing on the common challenges across the B & T cell space including harnessing monoclonal antibodies for B & T cell immune checkpoints, combination approaches for T-cell co-stimulation via immune checkpoints, targeting autoantibodies via FcRn inhibition of plasma cells and PROTAC/degrader approaches, and many more.

As we look to the future of drug development for autoimmune diseases, this is your opportunity to join 80+ key leaders and decision-makers, at the cutting edge of science accelerating the development of successful drug modalities.

Be a part of the movement! Join this unmissable 3-day summit to get access to next-generation research and connect with like-minded peers accelerating the drug development of B & T cell-mediated autoimmune diseases with an improved therapeutic potential. Together we can bring more effective drugs to a large population of patients in need.

Top 5 Takeaways You Cannot Afford to Miss:

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Gain a comparison of the landscape of B & T cell-mediated autoimmune diseases with Gossamer Bio, NYSCF and Immunic

5254_T_B-Cell_Mediated_Autoimmune_DDD (4)

Explore the latest developments of the leading drug targets and therapeutics with COUR Pharmaceuticals, Eledon and Cabaletta Bio

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Hear from leaders in the B&T cell and drug development fields, including Kyverna, Provention Bio and Eli & Lilly Co

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Leverage antigen-specific & degrader approaches to target autoimmune diseases with Kymera Therapeutics

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Overcome the challenges in mapping the therapeutic target landscape for B-cell mediated autoimmune disease & T-cell dependent autoantibody responses with Duke University