About the B & T Cell-Mediated Autoimmune Disease Drug Development Summit

Achieve More Targeted B Cell Modulation & Depletion

The B&T Cell-Mediated Autoimmune Disease Drug Development Summit is your definitive meeting focusing on the most pressing challenges across the B cell autoimmune space.

As we look to the future of drug development in autoimmunity, this is your opportunity to join 60+ key leaders and decision makers at the cutting edge of discovery, pre-clinical and translational immunology from this vibrant community.

Attend this meeting to hear about world leaders pioneering targeted B cell modulation and depletion through potent BTK, multi-specific, CAR-T and B cell “biofactory” modality constructs to look beyond the autoantibody in autoimmune disease progression and achieve gold standard tissue and antigen-specific delivery.

Be part of the movement! Join this unmissable 3-day summit with like-minded peers to overcome disease-specific heterogeneity, achieve therapeutic efficacy in difficult-to-treat autoimmune indications and streamline clinical trial design to advance your drug to market.

Join Your Peers to:

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Achieve high-quality tissue subset analysis and accessibility with Biogen and Boston Children’s Hospital

5254_T_B-Cell_Mediated_Autoimmune_DDD (4)

Bypass tissue-specific delivery challenges with IGM Biosciences and Walking Fish Therapeutics

5254_T_B-Cell_Mediated_Autoimmune_DDD (4)

Explore the latest CD19, CD20 and CD22 B cell modulation strategies with Eli Lilly, Janssen Pharmaceutical Research & Development and The Scripps Institute

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Bolster your combined modality strategy and achieve broader therapeutic efficacy in wider autoimmune patient populations with Regeneron and Zura Bio

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Gain unparalleled insights into the therapeutic potential of tertiary lymphoid structures, plasma cells, B regulatory cells and B memory cells with Charité University, The University of California, San Francisco and The University of Pittsburgh

“This meeting provides the opportunity to engage and network with other leaders in the field. It provides the perfect environment to share information that advances the scientific and medical community in autoimmunity.”
Zura Bio