Hear why our past attendees are excited to return to the B & T Cell-Mediated Autoimmune Disease Drug Development Summit

“The inaugural summit was a huge success. The speakers were first-class, the talks were directly applicable to everything that we are doing, and Hanson Wade organized an impressive virtual meeting. I expect the second edition to build on that momentum and further inagurate a must-attend meeting”

Thomas Tedder, Alter Geller Professor for Research in Immunology Departments of Immunology & Pediatrics,
Duke University Medical Center


“The program of this meeting is the most comprehensive in my experience with a fine balance of comprehensive topic areas whilst not compromising focus on how our knowledge of the roles of B and T cells in autoimmune disease pathogenesis could serve to support the rationale for our efforts to identify novel biomarkers and therapeutic strategies. The attendees are also highly likely to benefit from the insights of experts in this rapidly evolving field, which has the potential to deliver next generation of potent therapies that may improve outcomes for people with autoimmune disease”

Venkat Reddy, Consultant Rheumatologist, University College Hospital & Honorary Lecturer,
University College London


“I look forward to hearing diverse approaches to tackling autoimmune disease through novel therapeutic designs and to make new contacts who, working together would complement Cytocom’s strategic goals”

Stephen Wilson, Global Head of Innovation, Cytocom Therapeutics


This conference will help you to supercharge your clinical programs, give direction to your drug pipelines and ensure the next generation of B & T cell-directed therapies can improve treatment regimens in chronic, common, and rare autoimmune diseases.