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Discover the Latest in Cutting-Edge B Cell Directed Therapy Development for Autoimmune Diseases

The emergence of B and plasma cell directed therapies has promised to change the face of non-oncological autoimmune disease healthcare. But limited knowledge on the fundamental mechanisms underlying B cell function, B & T cell crosstalk in immune mediated disease, and a plethora of biologic and small molecule approaches have posed challenges in defining the most effective combination regimens to treat and manage patients with autoimmune diseases.

The B-Cell Directed Therapies for Autoimmune Diseases Summit provides a platform to network and discuss these shared challenges as we realize the full therapeutic and product potential of B and plasma cell directed therapies as disease-modifying approaches for autoimmune patients with high unmet clinical need.

Join key opinion leaders to harness the full therapeutic opportunity of B cell directed approaches, discover B and plasma cell function in disease pathology, explore novel therapeutic targets and overcome clinical challenges to develop the next generation of B cell directed therapies to treat autoimmune diseases.

Five Unmissable Highlights

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Discover fundamental B-Cell biology to identify pathogenic subtypes and therapeutic targets with Duke University, Universities of Texas & Colorado

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Understand translational approaches & considerations for clinical trial design and patient stratification with Novartis & University of Rochester


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Examine the latest approaches targeting T & B-Celll crosstalk through T-cell dependent mechanisms with AnTolRx, Akston Biosciences & Cour Pharmaceuticals

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Optimize small molecule inhibitor approaches that impact B-cell function in autoimmunity with Incyte, Biogen & Principia Biopharma


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Explore next generation biologics and CAAR T approaches targeting pathogenic B-cells with Jounce Therapeutics & Cabaletta Bio

Who's Attending In 2020?

The B-Cell Directed Therapies for Autoimmune Diseases Summit is the first ever cross-disciplinary meeting which dedicates 3 days of in-depth examination of challenges in developing B and plasma cell directed therapies.

This unique meeting will equip you with the expert insight and novel strategies to ensure the therapeutic and commercial success of the next generation of optimized B cell directed candidates. Join us to shape the drug development fabric of B and plasma cell directed therapies and finally cater to the unmet clinical needs of patients with immune mediated and autoimmune diseases.

For more details about the program, speaker faculty or pricing and discounts, download the brochure.