David Alleva

David Alleva

Company: IM Therapeutics

Job title: VP, Immunology


Selective Targeting Of Autoimmune Disease-Associated HLA Haplotypes Via Small-Molecules 10:50 am

Suppressing antigen presentation via inhibition of autoantigen peptide binding to HLAs has been enabled via selective small-molecule inhibitors Clinical trials in progress with T1D and HLA-DQ8-specific small-molecule inhibitors are expected to provide proof-of-concept of this drug discovery platform for HLA haplotype-associated conditions Establishing key functional features in the selection of such HLA-specific small-molecule leads will…Read more

day: Day Two

Panel Discussion: Potential Therapeutic Targets for B Cell-Mediated Autoimmune Disease & T Cell Dependent Autoantibody Responses 8:30 am

Sharing latest insights around the biological mechanisms in which B cell mediated autoimmune disease manifests and how this informs drug concepts Looking at the intrinsic T-B cell crosstalk as a therapeutic target and modality Learning how to make go/no-go decisions and demonstrating that a clinical candidate has disease modifying effects Latest insight from T cell…Read more

day: Day One

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